"Hiking the sacred paths of the world for others to follow" - Company Message

TALK Testimonials

"Dutch Bulb Cruise - Thank you for coming to our club at such notice after a speaker cancelled and secondly for a very entertaining talk. It was certainly a whistle stop tour for you but you managed to take some really remarkable pictures. I am sure the ladies who have not been to Keukenof Gardens in Holland, will be tempted to do so now. We look forward to seeing you in September talking about your walk to Assisi."BH

“CATHARS WAY - Thank you for visiting our club last Wednesday evening. We did enjoy your illustrated talk about the Cathars Way  - 180 miles in southern France. The pictures were lovely and your comments were interesting and funny! At least you don't have a lot of dirty washing to take back home with you! I will be in touch eith you again to see and hear some more walking travels. FW
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