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The man who has walked and still is walking, the Peak District

Britain, Europe and the World; he has no equal.

John Merrill 

 Walk Guides

"Hiking the sacred paths and trails of the world for others to follow".

"The miracle of life is not to fly in the air, or walk-on the water, but to walk on the earth"- Chinese saying.

"For every mile that you walk, you extend your life by 21 mins."

photo - John Merrill on the summit of Stake Pass, on the Cumbria Way - May 2022.












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2018 -

December 18th. 2018 - Congratulations to Frank Rivett and Philippa Whittington who have completed -

CHANNEL ISLANDS - 100 MILES - September 23rd. 1999.

RUTLAND WATER CHALLENGE WALK - 25 MILES - on March 23rd. 2010.

THE ISLE OF WIGHT COAST PATH - 77 MILES - on November 9th. 2011.

THE PEMBROKESHIRE CLOAST PATH - 177 MILES - on September 8th. 2016

Many congratulations to them.

November 19th. Congratulations to Paul Wilkinson of Arundel, who has walked my KING'S LYNN TO WALSINGHAM Piigrimage route - 35 miles.

November 2018 - Congratulations to Daniel Berliner, who has walked 130 miles, following the Paddington Branch and the GRAND UNION CANAL to Birmingham.

October 19th. 2018 - Congratulations to Robert Liliey who walked the ISLE OF MAN COAST PATH - 100 miles - over 7 days.

October 8th. 2018 - Congratulations to Stephen Foster of Somerset who walked the QUANTOCK WAY- 27 1/2 miles via Watchet to Minehead, in 8 hours 27 mins. Well done to him.

April 21st. 2018 - Congratulations to Richard Harris of Swadlincote who walked my DERWENT VALLEY - East Side walk - 23 miles - from Matlock to Derby in 8 hours 9mins. Congratulations to him.

August 25th. 2018 - Congratulations to Suzi Cresswell of Alton, Staffordshire and family and friends - Sarah Cresswell, Alastair Brodie, Jack Brodie, Tristan Brodie, Harriet Brodie, Molly Hunter, Maddie Hunter, Joe Gibb and Lizzie Gould, who all walked my 25mile - STAFFORDSHIRE MOORLANDS CHALLENGE WALK in 12 hours. Suzi Cresswell last did it 29 years ago! Well done to you.

Congatulations to Charlotte Gilmore who has walked the LLANGOLLEN CANAL - End to End - 56 miles and my ANGELSEY COAST WALK - 130 miles.

August 31st. Congratulations to Angela Harvey of Essex, who walked my 24 mile - DARK PEAK CHALLENGE WALK in 10 1/2 hours

.August 4th. 2018 - Congratulations to Angela Harvey of Essex who has completed several walks - THE ISLE OF WIGHT COAST PATH - 77 MILES - completed in 20 hours 57 minks and 23 secs (part run/paret walk) started at 7am on April 29th 2017 and finished April 30th 2017 at 3.57am.

THE MALVERN HILLS CHALLENGE - 24 MILES - Completed August 4th. 2018 in 8 hours 45 mins. See photo below.

On April 3rd. 2018 - completed the 100 mile - SOUTH DOWNS WAY in five days

August 22nd. 2018 - Congratulations to the two youngest mountain climbers - Belle Maskell, aged 6 and Aria Maskell aged 3 of reading, who climbed Roseberry Topping (1,050ft) in North Yorkshire in 1 hour 56 mins. A great achievement.

August 20th. 2018 - Congratulations to Mike Dean of Northampton who walked my 20 mile - MALVERN HILLS CHALLENGE WALK in 8 hours 25 mins. He added North Hill making it nearly 4,000 feet of ascent. "Humid and cloudy at first with good views in the afternoon "Well done to him.

August 19th. 2018 - Congratulations to Andrew Bushell who walked my 42 miles - MANDERVILLE MONKS WAY - from Edmonton Green, London to Audley End, Saffron Walden, Essex.

Well done to him.

July 31st - August 2nd. 2018 - Congratulations to Alison Cannon and family who walked my 27 1/2 mile QUANTOCK WAY walk. - from Taunton, Somerset to the sea at Minehead via the Quantock Hills - from the hills to the sea. " Great route - have wanted to do it for ages and now finally made it with ideal walking weather too." So glad you did it....well done.

July 31st. 2018 - Congratulations to Paul Clarke who completed my WHITE PEAK CHALLENGE WALK - 25 MILES in 7 hours 40 mins. "Had a really good day out. Weather was dry and sunny with a breeze. I last did this over 20 years ago, won't leave it as long next time!" Well done to him.

July 28th. 2018 - Congratulations to Gary Jeeves of Biggleswade who walked my SURREY HILLS CHALLENGE WALK - 23 MILES. "A tough walk but very rewarding." This is his 70th. challenge walk of mine he has completed, and the first person to so; sone 1,750 miles of walking!

Many many congratulations.

July 11th. 2018 - Congratulations to David Johnston, Karl and Nick, who walked my PEAKLAND WAY - 100 MILES. over four very hot days. They raised more than £3,000 for the children's mental health charity - Young Minds. I really great effort.

July 5th. 2018 - Congratulations to John Turner, Steve Turner, and Kieran John Turner, of Wigan, who completed in 9hrs. 48 mins, the CARNEDDAU CHALLENGE WALK - 20 miles and 4,500 ft of ascent - from the sea to the summit of Carneddau Llewellyn and back. Many congratulations to them all.

June 24th. 2018 - Congratulations to Dr. Martin Cross of Otley who walked my 24 mile - STAFFORDSHIRE MOORLANDS CHALLENGE WALK - in 8 hours 40 mins. Many congratulations to him.

June 17th. 2018 - Congratulations to Phil Rutter and Gill Colling of Darlington who walked my 51 mile WALK AROUND THE ISLE OF JERSEY.

"It was fantastic".

Well done to them.

JUNE 11TH-14TH. 2018 - Congratulations to Alan Holmes, Deborah Cresswell, Jack Reaney and Edna Reaney of Sheffield, who walked 35 miles, the entire length of the MONMOUTH & ABERGAVENNY CANAL, IN THE BRECON BEACONS NATIONAL PARK.

Well done to them all.

May 24th. 2018 - Congratulations to Alan Holmes, Deborah Cresswell, Jack Reaney and Edna Reaney of Sheffield wo walked the EREWASH CANAL - END TO END - 12 miles.

June 17th. 2018 Many congratulations to Clare Cox, her husband and son Jack who completed my "LINCOLNSHIRE WOLDS BLACK DEATH CHALLENEGE WALK' - 26 miles in 10 hours 20 mins. They also raised approx. £400 for the Stroke Association. Well done, a great effort.

June 2 & 3rd. 2018 - Many congratulations to Anthony Butterick of Woking, who walked the Isle of Wight Coast Patk - 74 miles within 48 hours. The first day he completed 39 miles and 35 miles on day two. A great effort.


May 27th. 2018 - Congratulations to Dan Kidd and Linda Chilton who in 9 hours walked my - LAKELAND CHALLENGE WALK - 18 miles, ten peaks including Scafell Pike and 6,000 ft. of ascent. Well done to them.

May 29th. 2018 - Congratulations to Phil Mantle and Gemma Ufton of Slough, who walked my 27 mile SWEET PEA CHALLENGE WALK from Wem in Shropshire. Their time was 11 hours 45mins. Well done to them.

February 24th. 2018- Congratulations to Richard Dobell who successfully competed my 20 MILE - MALVERN HILL CHALLENGE WALK - Well done to him.

April 28th. 2018 - Congratulations to Kath and Will Hallworth-Cook of Shrewsbnury, who walked my SWEET PEA CHALLENGE WALK - 27 MILES from Wem, Shropshre. Well done!

May 5th. 2018 - Congatulations to Gary Jeeves of Biggleswade who completed the RIDGEWAY. He always wanted to walk it and at the age of 50 finally got round to doping it - well done.

Congratulations to Betty Shaw of Barnsley who walked THE RIDGEWAY last year, between May 20th - 28th. 2017.

Again well done!

April 11th. 2018 - Congratulations to Bill Monday and Dee Hahn of Marrickville, NSW, Australia, who backpacked the 153 mile GRAND UNION CANAL - between 24/3/2018 - 1/4/2018. "We would not have managed it without your excellent guidebook. It was a great though exhausting walk - some days; with lots of muddy, slushy towpaths." Well done to them, the first Australian backpackers to walk it.

March 30th. 2018 - Many congratulations to John Ager and party who walked my London To Canterbury Pilgrim's route. They were walking for the St. Mary Magdalene church, Wandsworth Common, to raise money for the church regeneration fund. They raised an impressive £12,000 Well done to them.

Congratulations to Gary Jeeves of Biggleswade, who on February 24th. 2018 - walked the RIVER MIMRAM - 20 MILES - from its source to its confluence with the River Lee in Hertford.

Also on March 10th. 2018 he walked the 24 mile - KING JOHN CHALLENGE WALK, in Windsor.

Well done to him.

March 3rd. 2018 - Congratulations to Revd. John Merrill on doing the first winter circuit of his Epping Forest Challenge Walk - 22 miles - walking 41,455 steps, using 1,494 calories, covering 29,018 metres at 4.5 km/ph. Murky day with snow and no views, but a great walk in these conditions!

February 28th. 2018 - Many, many congratulations to Gemma Ufton and Phil Mantle of Batley who did the first winter crossing of my LITTLE JOHN CHALLENGE WALK - 28 MILES - in 9.5 hours in heavy snow. Great effort.

February 15th. 2018 - Congratulations to Elizabeth Knight and Katayoon Hoodfar of London who completed the 73 mile Pilgrimage route - LONDON TO CANTERBURY to Thomas Becket's shrine. Many congratulations.

March 1st. 2018 - Congratulations to Dean Milward of Nottingham, who completed on September 8th. 2017 walking the 77 mile - ISLE OF WIGHT COAST PATH in 4 days; "loved every step and blisters, none"!

February 28th. 2018 - Congratulations to several members of the Hubberton Hikers of Sowerby Bridge who have walked the following -

Adele Tollady, Heather Hirst, Diane Wade and Katherine Finn who between July 5th-9th 2017 walked the Cumbria Way.

And to Michele Reynolda and David Wakeford to between August 29th - September 13th. 2017, over 16 of walking completed the GR20 route on Corsica, described as being the toughest trail in Europe and one of the great long walks of Europe.

Well done to them all.

May 29th. 2016 - September 6th. 2017 - Congratulations to Matthew Dickson (Aged 9), Grace Dickson (Aged 11) and parents Andrea and Marc Dickson, of Haywards Heath, who walked 83 miles following my - THE BRIGHTON WAY - from the outskirts of London to the sea. "The children gained a real sense of accomplishment from completing a long distance path. Now they want to go to North Wales and climb a mountain! Good for them.

October 10th - 19th 2017 - Congratulations to Hazel Jeddere-Fisher who walked the 100 mile ISLE OF MAN COAST PATH - The way of the gull.

October 27th to 29th. 2017 - Congratulations to Anthony Butterick of Woking who over 3 days, in good weather, walked THE ISLE OF WIGHT COAST PATH - 75 MILES - well done to him.

October 5th. 2017 - Congratulations to John Hobbs of Slough who has been awarded the 2 (yellow) and 4 (red) Challenge Walk badges. He has now completed TEN Challenge walks - "Many thanks for some great days/weekends out".

October 3rd. 2017 - Congratulations to Danny Long of Saffron Walden who over 3 days and just 15 hours of walking, walked the Fenland Section of the Hereward Way, from Peterborough to Ely Cathedral - 40 miles.

September 23rd. - October 1st - Many. Many congratulations to Frederick Culverhouse of Northampton who at the age of 86 walked the whole of THE ISLE OF WIGHT COAST PATH - 77 MILES. A wonderful achievement and an inspiration to us all.

September 14th. 2017 - Congratulations to Arthur Hughes of Mansfield who has walked - THE RIDGEWAY, THE MALVERN HILLS CHALLENGE WALK, THE RUTLAND WATER CHALLENGE WALK AND THE TISSINGTON TRAIL - END TO END. Many. many congratulations to him.

September 2nd 2017 - Congratulations to John Hobbs of Slough who walked my 22 mile - MIDDLEWICH CHALLENGE WALK (CHESHIRE) - in just over 7 1/2 hours - well done to him.

September 8th. 2017 - Congratulations to Carla Morley of Grimsby who walked the 26 mile - LINCOLNSHIRE WOLDS BLACK DEATH CHALLENGE WALK in 8 hours. Well done to her.

May 10-17th & August 30th -September 6th. 2017 - Congratulations of Ivy and John Butterworth of Doncaster who walked the 77 mile - ISLE OF WIGHT COAST PATH. Well done to them.

September 1st - 8th. 2017 - Congratulations to Bev and Stewart Rolf of Lincolnshire who walked THE 77 MILE - ISLE OF WIGHT COAST PATH - many congratulations to them.

18th. August 2017 - Congratulations to Sten House of Altrincham, Cheshire, who walked my 25 MILE - WHITE PEAK CHALLENGE WALK inn 11 hours 16 mins. Well done to him.

July 24th to August 1st. 2017 - Congratulations to Steven and Kenneth McQueen of Carnforth, Lancashire, who walked the 100 mile - ISLE OF MAN COAST PATH. Well done!

August 7th. 2017 - Congratulations to Kathy Waghorn of Salisbury who walked the whole of the 77 mile - ISLE OF WIGHT COAST PATH - between August 25th - 28th 2006!

Well done to her.

August 2nd. 2017 - Many congratulations to Brian and Linda Davies, from Uttoxetter, who have completed two long walks, twice, as they walked back to their car.

First the TISSINGTON & HIGH PEAK TRAILS in the Peak District, between October 2013 and July 2014 - 60 miles..

Second they walked the TRENT & MERSEY CANAL END TO END, in both directions - 200 miles - between May 2015 and April 27th 2017.

Great achievement.

.July 12th - 23rd. 2017 - Congratulations to Christine Greensitt and Linda Mason of Ripon, who walked the 130 mile ANGLESEY COAST PATH.

Well done to them.

July 29th. 2017 - Congratulations to Paul Callis-Smith of Withernsea, who walked my 25 mile - NORTH YORKSHIRE MOORS CHALLENGE WALK in 10 1/2 hours. In the latter stages he caught up with a group from the West Yorkshire LDWA who were also doing the walk.

July 26th. 2017 - Congratulations to Neil Sainthouse of Worksop, who on July 17th. 2016 in 8 1/2 hours walked my 28 MILE - LITTLE JOHN CHALLENGE WALK. Also on July 31st. 2016 he walked in 8 hours 40 mins, my 25 mile - BELVOIR WITCHES CHALLENGE WALK.

Mand congratulations to him.

10 July 2017 - Coingratulations to Michael Mcgreavy of Bolton who over 4 days - July 19th-22nd - walked the 100 mile - ISLE OF MAN COASTAL PATH. WELL DONE TO HIM.

July 8th 2017 - Congratulations to Ben Betts of Nottingham, who walked my - LITTLE JOHN CHALLENGE WALK - 28 MILES, from Edwinstowe in 10 hours 35 mins. Well done to him.

June 24th-28th.2017 - Congratulations to John Merrill who walked the 75mile? NATIONAL FOREST WAY. See separate page for his comments.

Saturday June 17th. 2017 - Congratulations to Richard Quennell who walked my 24 mile RUTLAND WATER CHALLENGE WALK. This was a training walk in preparation for a 100km charity walk from Bath to Cheltenham. Good luck to him.

May 23rd. 2017 - Congratulations to Deborah Cresswell, Alan Holmes, Jack Reaney and Edna Reaney who walked my LITTLE JOHN CHALLENGE WALK - 28 MILES. Well done to them all.

June 20th 2017 - Only learnt of this today, but congratulations to Jack and Edna Reaney who in June 2012 within 48 hours walked THE LIMEY WAY - 40 MILES. Well done to them.

April 5th. 2017 - Congratulations to Iain Barker of Sheffield who walked my WHITE PEAK CHALLENGE WALK - 25 MILES. Well done to him.

June 17th. 2017 - Congratulations to Glen Bradford of Nottingham and to the many charity walkers who walked the 33 mile GRANTHAM CANAL - End to End. Well done to you all.